Step-by-Step Training for Mobility Assistance Dogs eBook

Step-by-Step Training for Mobility Assistance Dogs eBook

Paws-Up, Inc. Workbook
by Robin Pool B.S. CABC and Veronica Sanchez M.Ed. CABC

As a former client of Paws-Up owner trainer program, I was asked to review their new workbook, Step-by-Step Training for Mobility Assistance Dogs. After reading this manual, all I could think was ‘where was this resource when I needed it!’. This workbook would be an invaluable tool to any person considering entering into an owner/trainer program such as Paws-Up. It’s easy to read, clear and concise, and the step by step format easy to follow. Descriptive pictures accompany each chapter as well as a troubleshooting section and room to make notes for when you meet with your trainer. This manual not only covers all the steps needed to train your dog in obedience and assistance, but is filled with safety tips and resources that could prove useful after your training is complete. Even if you’re not training a dog for use in assistance, this book would be a great tool for helping pet owners teach their dogs basic obedience.

-Brenda Potter

This workbook is so much more than what the title conveys. It is very easy to read and has lessons that are straightforward to comprehend whether you are the trainer or the trainee.

It has a comfortable format with numerous pages for notes included from beginning to end of the workbook with activity pages scattered generously all the way through it. There are plenty of pictures demonstrating what is being taught.

The tips and troubleshooting hints are helpful extras; as are the bonus supplemental activity sheets and training record forms. The training methods are straightforward using positive techniques. The instructions offer different options as well as providing warnings and varying factors to consider during the teaching process.


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