Mini Frog Loopie

Mini Frog Loopie
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Talking Toy Loopies® are soft, durable, and easy to carry. They make great fetch toys for any dog, and their odd shape(s) and six hidden "squeekies" will keep your pet entertained for hours!

Available in six different fun animals,  each with its own unique sound. Choose from frog, kitty, rooster, or duck. When you toss the Loopie for your dog to fetch, once it hits the ground it will begin to make the same noise as the animal it resembles. The frog will “ribbit,” the cat will “meow,” the duck will “quack,” and the red rooster will “crow!”

Loopies are fetch toys, not tug toys. Always supervise your dog during use.

Safety has become a very important issue for pet owners and retailers, and for good reason, given the recent reports about unsafe toys and lead poisoning. SWAG Company, Inc. is happy to inform customers that Loopies pet toys are put through the same high standard safety testing as Loopies for kids products.

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