The Clicker Leash

The Clicker Leash


The dog you want is within reach! The Clicker Leash puts effective, all-positive training methods at your fingertips


How many times have you been frustrated by juggling a clicker, a treat bag, a handful of treats, a leash, and your dog—in a distracted attempt to train loose-leash walking or another on-leash behavior? Now you can click and hold your leash with one hand. The Clicker Leash has a clicker built right into the handle, improving your timing and the effectiveness of your training sessions.

By merging a clicker with an ergonomic, lightweight leash handle, the Clicker Leash makes reward-based training convenient and fun while eliminating juggling and fumbling. Whether you are training your puppy, working on basic life skills with an adult dog, or competing in canine sports the Clicker Leash puts your clicker where you need it, when it counts. As long as you have your dog’s leash, your favorite training tool is on hand!

The click from the Clicker Leash is lower in pitch than traditional box clickers (but slightly louder than an i-Click), making it less disruptive during classroom instruction or at-home training sessions.

Included in package: one Clicker Leash handle, one 3-foot black leash and a Basic Instruction Guide.

Available in two different sizes: Small - 1/2" lead - recommended for dogs under 25 lbs & Large - 1" lead - recommended for dogs over 25 lbs.

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