Buster Food Cube

Buster Food Cube



A Buster Cube will engage, mystify, and delight your little "smarty" in equal measure. Just fill it with dry food or treats, roll it past your dog, and let the fun begin. When it rolls, the cube dispenses food. Your dog will be kept very busy, gradually learning how to roll it to release the tasty bites inside. Suddenly playing is rewarded! As your dog gets better at working with the Buster Food Cube, you can adjust the degree of difficulty to keep things interesting.




  • Smart Toy Learning Level: Genius
  • Designed to amuse and stimulate intellect
  • Encourages the natural instincts to hunt and forage
  • Keeps dogs engaged, to reduce boredom and related behavioral problems
  • Helps to minimize negative behaviors resulting from fear or aggression
  • Easy to fill and adjust (to avoid over-treating and maintain interest level)
  • Central cylinder adjusts difficulty level
  • Dishwasher safe

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